On being a 'designer'

The basics of writing online

Last year I decided to create a clear dividing line between my design work here on https://www.supersimbo.com/ and my artwork on https://allysimpson.com/. I also ditched all social media except for Instagram - here.

It was always our intention to show some of our work online but with a newborn son, time has been precious. As I type this it’s a few hours before we take a summer holiday, which has always been a good time to clear up some incomplete ideas and tasks. If you know us then you know we work closely with a local client who have a wide range of their own clients. We can’t share that work so what we do share here will be our own design clients.

I don’t know how much I will write here. I don’t know who - if anyone - will read it without the social media shares that we used to rely on. None of that matters too much. I do want to talk about being a ‘designer’ though. I’d like to go back to the basics of writing online as well. If you were around the blogging world in 2004, you know what I mean. Writing because I want to say something, not driven by comments, likes, shares or page ranking. Screw all of that.


On being a ‘designer’

I have felt like a ‘designer’ for some time. Let me define what I mean by that.

I do not have a formal design qualification. My knowledge of the software I use is entirely self-taught. I do not necessarily know all of the design lingo. I get asked to do stuff that I cannot do but have to figure out via online searches and guessing. This is a snapshot.

I’ve decided that all of the above qualifies me as a ‘designer.’ Others might call me a hack.

Plenty of people in various working scenarios have to adapt in the same way, learning as they go, picking up skills nobody taught them in formal education. That’s life so, this is not a cry of self-pity. I find it quite amusing some of the time and very frustrating the rest of the time.

It is what it is.

So, this journal will be occasional words and thoughts on being a ‘designer’ and a glance at some of the work we do. There are a couple of exciting things coming up in the second half of 2019.

Rock on. Have a good summer.