I have always disliked having a portfolio on our website. They ruin the aesthetic that I imagine our web presence needs, not because of the quality of the work but mainly as a result of my inability to give it proper consideration and make everything look lovely… also, Supersimbo is more than just the design work that Ally does. Sort of.

So, Behance… go there.

There’s also a link on the homepage.

Another reason for this is that last week I was chatting with someone who uses Behance as a place to find and recruit designers for occasional freelance work. I’m not looking for any extra work right now and we are thankful for that but, you never know what the future may hold so, for now I feel like we have to be better at promotion, networking and connecting.

I might change my mind next week.

Ace & Tate, Russell

I have a couple of pairs of Ace & Tate glasses now. The lovely design and simplicity makes me very happy to wear them on my face.

Here’s my new pair

New Balance 990v5

“The first iteration of the 990 hit shelves in 1982. Releasing as one of the most expensive shoes—not just for New Balance—but for the wider footwear market, the 990 was poised to make a statement well before anyone laced it up and hit the sidewalk.” H/T

Finally bought a pair… beautiful design.

Unusual Layout

I used to be a little obsessed with the idea of an “unusual layout” website. I guess to be wild with your design you need to have complete trust from your client or be working on your own project/site. There shouldn’t be any rules when it comes to how websites look, perhaps there aren’t… but designers know there definitely are rules even if we pretend there aren’t. Clients have a whole different set of ideas and opinions. Anyway, I digress…

There’s category dedicated to unusual layouts on Site Inspire here.

Here are some examples. Click an image for a closer look.

Paynter Batch 1

Jacket No.260 of only 300 made arrived today and I love it. Such wonderful craftsmanship.


Adidas Supercourt

Adidas say

“A distillation of 40 years of adidas court shoes, these shoes serve up court style with a modern feel. They're crafted of supple leather in shades of tennis whites. For a refined touch, they're detailed with perforated 3-Stripes and a sculpted cupsole.”

see the full range here.