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Supersimbo is a small business doing mostly web and graphic design, educating and writing. We are Ally & Cherry Simpson and we’re from Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

Ally is a designer – artist.

Cherry is a lecturer in sustainable construction.

With over twenty years experience in retail, design, construction, blogging, food service and education you might expect bigger egos and *bigger cars but, we like to keep things simple_

Ergo, we’re thankful and always in *beta_

*We don’t want bigger cars. 🙂 We prefer nice jeans, awesome books and great coffee_
*Beta; in perpetual test mode_

Featured reads_

Renovating our home

Last year we'd been keeping one eye on a home renovation around the corner for a few months. The complete transformation of a semi-detached house that had fallen into disrepair caught our eye every time we passed. We then asked a couple of people about the builder...

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A Week on Crom Estate

    After nine weeks (and counting) of home renovation we were glad we could get away for a few days to a different location and a slower pace. The work on our house has not been overly stressful but, it’s fair to say we were tired and needed a rest. So, we've just...

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New reads_

Ok Google…

We bought a Google Home Smart speaker in May. It took me a while to be certain of that first sentence. Should I just call it Google Home? Do you need to clarify that it's a Smart speaker? I'm not sure of the correct etiquette. Ok Google, what's your name? "You can...

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We’ve been blogging since 2004 in a variety of places. No niche, no blag, no hidden agendas. Just words and pictures_

e: supersimbo[at]gmail[dot]com

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