There are givers and takers in this life

I’ve learned that there are givers and takers in this life. I’ve slowly let the takers go and I’ve had it for the better. God bless them, when they learn to play by the rules they are welcome back, but my heart is worth protecting.”

From Scary Close: dropping the act and finding true intimacy by Donald Miller

Britain Uncovered Survey

In The Observer today the New Review section has a fascinating survey, here are a few things that stand out.

Which of the following causes you the most anxiety in life?

Money = 30%
Family = 16%
Health = 16%
Work pressures = 9%
Time pressures = 8%
Love life = 4%
Other = 3%
Nothing = 15%

How much of a stigma do you think is attached to mental health issues in the UK?

A great deal = 30%
Some = 52%
A little = 16%
None = 2%

A lack of affordable housing is one of the biggest issues affecting Britain at the moment?

NET: Agree = 73% NET: Disagree = 9%

Do you actively practise your religion, eg you attend regular religious services?

Yes – 29%
No – 71%
Base – all who associate with a religion

To what extent do you agree with the following statement: “These days religion is a negative influence in the world rather than a force for good”?

Strongly agree – 30%
Agree – 31%
Neither agree or disagree – 23%
Disagree – 10%
Strongly disagree – 5%
NET: Agree – 61%
NET: Disagree – 15%

How often do you tend to personally experience sexism in the UK?

In the workplace: once a week or more = 17%
In the street: once a week or more = 13%
Elsewhere: once a week or more = 13%
Base: all women

How frequently do you look at (any) social networks?

Several times a day = 37%
A few times a day = 22%
Once a day = 17%
2-3 times per week = 9%
Once a week = 5%
Once every couple of weeks = 3%
Once a month = 2%
Less often = 5%
Base: all who have used social networking sites in the past six months

*Northern Ireland has the lowest percentage of Internet users: only 79% of adults have ever used the Internet. London has the highest percentage of users with 90%.

See the full survey which covers various other topics here

In the run-up to elections, it’s interesting to see much of what this survey uncovers.

Sorry, we can’t be friends on Facebook

Facebook landing page

I left Facebook a while ago and promised myself I wouldn’t return but, this created a small problem.

I need access to Facebook to manage pages for business clients so, I still have to be on there to some extent. Here’s what I did…

I de-activated my original profile and created a new one solely for the purposes of accessing the pages I manage/maintain. I added my wife and immediate family members as ‘friends’ as a handy means of communicating but, that’s all I want out of Facebook. For these clients, for businesses and for community gatherings such as Coffee Northern Ireland, it is still incredibly useful. It’s an advertising platform….

The problem I’ve now found is that because I’ve added those few people, my name has popped up on their profiles and, I am now getting friend requests.

Sorry, we can’t be friends on Facebook.

It’s not personal.

Some recent images

some recent images: food
Whipping up some food is always a pleasure…

some recent images: me
On Saturday I led three hour long seminars on the Internet & Social Media plus took a quick selfie…

some recent images: coffee
I’ve had a relentless cold for a couple of weeks and lost my sense of smell & taste so I’m looking forward to beautiful coffee again when that settles…