Being radical and awesome

Growing up I was immersed in a culture, particularly an evangelical culture, that said ‘you’re going to do big things for God, Vincent.  You’re going to change the world. You have so much potential’ and I got this from leaders, from ministry camps in the summer, from my church.

and then…

There’s this weird pressure internally because of our culture that I’ve got to be awesome, be this amazing person,” Bradley explained. “It’s related to this generation’s narcissism that unless my life is really awesome and cool and noteworthy, then my life means nothing.

These two quotes come from an article titled Radical for Jesus a New Kind of Legalism? [read it here]

I’ve never wanted to do “awesome” things.

Being radical and awesome, winning, victory, favour, success…

Who gets to decide what these things really mean anyway?

Being radical and awesome is just as real in the actions and dedication of someone working in retail, as a barista or at home as a parent as it is in the life of someone working for the ‘church’ or going overseas to ‘do mission.’

Us Christians sure have a knack for warping meaning and re-creating new types of legalism.

The Fifth Element by Beerbods Part One

At the time of writing The Fifth Element by Beerbods was still available here. This is part one of a twelve part exploration of the beer in the box, I’m not sure how long it will take me to get through all twelve beers and whether I’ll be greedy or have some group tastings… we shall see.

Wiper and True Milk Stout

I’m not normally a huge fan of stouts but, add those vanilla malty milk-shake notes and my mind was changed immediately. This was really beautiful, smooth and creamy but still really robust, still a stout. My head was torn between the usual reaction of ‘meh, it’s a stout’ and ‘oh my word, the flavour.’ What a treat.

Beerbods said;

One of our beers of the year so far. A deliciously smooth milk stout brewed with the addition of vanilla pods.

Wiper and True said;

A milk stout uses sugar made from cows milk to give the beer a sweet, creamy tone. Bristol breweries were once famous for brewing the best milk stouts around. For our take on the traditional recipe we’ve used copius amounts of chocolate malts and vanilla pods to create rich, velvety and satisfying dark beer.

Read more here

Eleven more beers to go… such fun. #beerbods

Instagram round-up

Bacon in a bagel never gets old… this mornings breakfast.

#saturday #breakfast #bacon #eggs #bagel #coffee #weekend

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Hadskis was so good we are going to go back very soon with more people.

Reactions to great food #hadskis #belfast #bacon #eggs

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Paris on my desktop[s] makes me want to go back now. [Our Paris posts.]

#paris desktops

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Ally [the other one] takes some great pics around Ballymena for the Ballymena.Today Instagram.

Three Instagrammers we think are ‘hot right now’

Ursa Minor will have you salivating… you have to go visit them in Ballycastle.

Sarah-Louise is becoming some kind of fashion Blogger/Instagrammer extraordinaire… just to mix it up a little, here’s her guy having a Starbucks! Lovely chap!

First stop = coffee as we get ready for a day of exploring! ?? #sevilla

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Hicky is destined for legendary status in Ballymena… just wait! His pictures are great too.

Scrubbed up. #wedding #selfie #3piece #yeeoohh #onwards

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Writing Content

Metaphors aside, a helluvalotta’ people will claim to offer you the writing skills you need to create new content. Few will have the skills to make you stand out among the relentless trash heap that is today’s web.

Media (old and new) is cluttered with cautiousness. The irony is thick: the more careful your content is, the greater the risk of anonymity.

The linked post [here] is a really helpful list of things to consider and be challenged by for anyone who is writing content on the web in todays minefield of content content content…