The heights of Paris

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The Heights of Paris

I’m not great with heights. I suffer with tinnitus and a little vertigo which in simple terms means, I hear buzzing noises a lot and am often a bit dizzy!

But, you can’t go to Paris and not view the city from it’s most famous high points right?


We climbed the stairs to level two of The Eiffel Tower as well as going to the top of the Arc De Triomphe, The Pompidou Centre and Sacré-Cœur. Paris is beautiful at ground level but, from the heights you get a wonderful glimpse of it’s scale and the intricate yet perfectly straight streets and the shapes they form as they connect.

There were loads more beautiful places in Paris that we just didn’t get to visit so, I guess we will have to explore it again. Almost immediately we realised that you could explore and explore and never get tired of the place. That’s what happens in a big city right?

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Arriving in Paris

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We’d never visited Paris until last week. I’m not completely sure how or why we had been talking about a Paris trip for so long but we seemed to have mentioned it about three years ago and, over those three years we’ve seen several friends go there and love the city. We finally made it!

We used airbnb and there’s just nothing bad to say about the experience. Booking, communication and arrival at the apartment were all super easy and despite us arriving really really early for check-in, everything was super!

We landed in Paris late in the evening and so here are some night time photographs….

At night we felt really safe and comfortable walking in the city. The sights and the sounds of Paris at any time are enthralling but at night, the city stays alive… or maybe it comes alive in a different way.

We will post some more photographs and a few stories soon…

Go Slow and Celebrate

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Go slow and celebrate

We like Northern Ireland. We have always known it is full of people doing amazing things, but it is hard to start the day with our heads full of negative media about Northern Ireland, slowly but definitely seeping into our view of the world.

These are the opening lines of the beautiful new Northern Ireland publication called Freckle. Cherry wrote about it on Ballymena Today here.

Look at it… say oooh!

Freckle Northern Ireland

Over the past few weeks as we have ran up the ramp that self-employed people navigate before taking a holiday, I have become frustrated with community, people, our town, our country… I could go on! It’s often too easy for me to be cynical and times of stress or busyness bring out the worst traits of this in me.

As I’ve been reading Freckle and seeing the wonderful online reactions of readers, I’ve been fired up to shake off the cynicism and celebrate the good things around us. I’ve needed to remind myself of what we are doing here in Ballymena day-by-day through our work.

When I say we… I’m referring to a team of like-minded people here in Ballymena who have an awful lot in common with the ethos and passion that we’ve been reading about in Freckle.

Assisting small businesses with every aspect of their birth and growth, helping them get online, design, print, online content, direction, vision… encouraging community among these businesses, sharing and celebrating news and information via Ballymena Today. There is technology behind all of these things and people who maintain it. There is also admin, paperwork and procedures required to keep everything organised.

I only carry out a small part of this… our team is amazing and at the heart of what we are doing, we want to affect our town and community positively. But we aren’t done yet, there’s still lots to do and lots to share.

Freckle say ‘Go slow and celebrate.’

Amen to that… and thank you to Freckle for inspiring and challenging us. They have created something wonderful.