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“In 2016 BA made hundreds of dedicated and loyal IT staff redundant and outsourced the work to India.

“BA have made substantial profits for a number of years, and many viewed the company’s actions as just plain greedy.”

– Quote source here.

Was this the reason for the British Airways chaos of the last few days? At the end of the article linked above, a short mention is given to a similar IT failure at Delta Airlines in 2016.

The complete reliance on a good and stable IT system for our lives to run smoothly is of huge importance. Sometimes small businesses have to cut corners and take risks but, sometimes massive companies do the same. Cost-saving. Efficiency.

And then if things go wrong we see the effects of a crash. A failure.

Imagine if this became the norm.

Your bank. Phone. Television. Internet. Hospitals. Transport. Everything that requires ‘technology’ created in the last fifty years, at threat.

That might seem like crazy talk. Thousands of people sleeping in an Airport over the weekend should be a reminder that it’s maybe not completely out of the realms of possibility. Maybe.