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Recently, I’ve had two moments where I expected a credit… and by credit, I mean my name printed in small letters somewhere. Simple right? Two entirely different circumstances ended with the same outcome. No credit.

Like I said, these were two different circumstances but both could and maybe should have ended with a similar acknowledgement of “oops, that was wrong.”

What happened?

One was beautifully handled and I’ll blog about that another time. The other was a fumbling balls up. I won’t blog about it because it’s done. You blew it.

After the first and well handled encounter, I walked away more than happy to say ‘I’m still with you, still loyal. Because of your honesty.”

The other? I don’t like to hold grudges or resentments [and I have broad shoulders] but, I’m not sure about you now.

You blew it.

In the grand scheme of things it was a situation that doesn’t matter but, you blew it.



Ps: this is not an ego thing. It’s an artist thing.

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