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Historically, the ultimate symbol of wealth, achievement and social superiority was the freedom not to work: the true badge of honour, as the 19th Century economist Thorstein Veblen put it, was leisure. Now, it’s busyness that has become the indicator of high status. “The best-off in our society are often very busy, and have to be,” says Gershuny. “You ask me, am I busy, and I tell you: ‘Yes, of course I’m busy – because I’m an important person!’’

–  from Why you feel busy all the time when you’e actually not, an article on the BBC website here.

This summer I found myself saying a few times that I wasn’t tremendously busy in July & August. Upon hearing this kind of answer many people will assume that it’s a bad thing and appear concerned for me. It’s not a bad thing. A lot of the time throughout the rest of the year my answer will be a kind of vague uncertain “mmmm kind of, not really.”

In fact, we get to choose how busy we are a lot of the time. I am thankful that we can do this and allow space for life instead of being consumed by irrational busyness. This is not a boast. I am truly thankful but also intentional with my time which means saying no a lot. Not everyone understands that or likes it.

Maybe challenge yourself to re-think how you view busyness and life. That article [linked above] is really helpful.