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Let me introduce you to my new favourite beauty product. It is from Soap and Glory and it is their Make Yourself Youthful Super Serum. It is reasonable priced, especially for the claims it makes and is packaged like a luxury product.


So first of all lets talk about the good stuff. This serum has made my skin feel great and hopefully look a little bit brighter. I have been applying it after cleansing my face before going to bed at night and notice that I am waking up with a better complexion and would even consider stepping out without make up on which is genuinely unheard of for me. My make up is gliding on a bit easier and because of the low price point I will be happy to buy it again to see further results.

Now the bad news. The packaging is a silver rigid tube and nearly every single review which I have read online has mentioned how hard it is to get the product out of the packaging once it gets near the end. I have had mine for a month and it is still dispensing with no problem but a quick glimpse at Soap and Glory and Boots online reviews show that lots of consumers are not happy.

I hope that Soap and Glory can respond to these reviews Рit will be interesting to see how customer reviews start to shape how products evolve.


Lots of high street names have added review functions to their websites and it is interesting to see the negative and positive views getting displayed up there for all to see. I recently wanted to buy a pair of sporty trousers from Topshop tall range and decided to hold off because of two reviews which mentioned the words “disappointing” and “cheap material”. Brave decision for retailers to let their dirty laundry get aired in public, eh?

Have you ever changed you mind about a purchase because of a bad review?