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Last week we finally had the chance to watch “Once”. . . . . and it has happened again – I fell in love with a film. Unusually for me it had nothing to do with the fashion or setting – this film was all about the love story.

“Once” is the story of two people simply called himself and herself (I love it!) who meet and begin to write songs together. It’s a musical which showcases the music of The Swell Season -Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. Hear their music here.  

Print by Nan Lawson

If you haven’t watched the film yet then don’t read any further *SPOILER ALERT* Isn’t it just the most heartbreaking moment when himself asks “What’s the Czech for “Do you love him”?” – you know the scene.


Do you know what she says? IMDB gives us the answer;

There is a moment when the guy asks the girl whether she loves her husband. However, her response is in unsubtitled Czech, so the man does not understand her – nor do audience members who don’t know the language. She responds, “No. I love you.” 

*heartbreak* sigh. What a film. I’m off to watch it again.