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Popular by Maya Van Wagenen is a teenage memoir where a geeky teenager takes on the rules set out in vintage book Betty Cornell Teen-Age Popularity Guide because she feels like she has nothing to lose and rates herself as the most unpopular person in school. It is a great read and recently it was announced that it is to be made into a film. I wouldn’t recommend following the advice that Maya did, she is obviously very brave, but I did love the conclusions that she eventually came to.


Maya found that even though she thought nobody liked her, when she took the time speak to each person they were mostly lovely to her. At the end of her journey she asked all her classmates two questions.

How do you define popular? Every answer was different and varied from – lots of people know your name, to being able to sit with the basketball boys. Basically nobody really knew what the word Popular even means.

Are you popular? Maya got the same answer from everyone – NO. Nobody believed that they were popular – even the basketball boys and volleyball girls who were looked up to as the ‘in’ crowd. I quizzed a few teens this week and they all came up with similar results.

So we are all chasing the popularity myth – what is the solution? To know that we are loved unconditionally. Naptime Diaries have this great reminder for sale on their webshop.


Click here to see the rest of her beautiful prints and the next time you feel a little bit sorry for yourself remember that you are loved unconditionally by God and your life has purpose.

*I’m off to start reading grown up books again – I must stop buying books aimed at thirteen year olds.*