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Tom Rob Smith presents this crime story – “the Farm” which is written more like a novel that a conventional thriller. One half of the book is a conversation between a mother and a son and the other is a truth finding mission – but will the truth be more or less disturbing than the mothers accusations? I’ll let you read it yourself to find out.

4 things I have learnt from reading “The Farm”:


1/ Mittens aren’t a good idea when breaking and entering – although I still like these ones from Monki.

2/ What white honey is. (Photo source)

3/ That an Elk is a very big animal.

4/ That a leather satchel is always desirable, especially this one from thisisground.

I’m also very happy when a crime story involves trolls or any kind. I suggest picking this one up for a read. “The Farm” by Tom Rob Smith is out in paperback format in February.