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Winter is such a fickle time. We are expected to get dolled up in red sequins and high heels for Christmas parties all through the month of December and then when January arrives in a haze of glitter and novelty ‘2015’ glasses we are left back with our normal monotonous wardrobe.

Did you love your Christmas jumper. Warm, colourful and quirky – Did you have to be prised out of it with a crowbar? May you did or maybe you are glad to get out of it. Either way I’m guessing that we all could appreciate a substitute for that cosy jumper which will work in everyday life.

Buy cashmere. Buy it now in the winter sales and enjoy the luxurious cosy heat that will see you through until spring time. Choose well and you will have a garment which will last for years and will be wearable with most of your wardrobe.


Search Uniqlo (1), Mark & Spencers (2&3), and Next for affordable cashmere jumpers or hit Net a Porter for luxury investment. Don’t forget to check the mens department too. Pick a plain colour and change it with scarves, collared shirt and different bottoms. The humble jumper is a wardrobe staple and worth investing in the best you can afford. I have a few grey cashmere jumpers from Next which I came across a few years ago in their sale, and one from debunked design house Luella. They are all super warm and easy to wear.

You’ll be happy to pack your Christmas jumper away with the fairy lights once your clad in cashmere.