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Ballymena Today is now live… we are pretty excited about this but first, let me quickly explain.

Much of my blogging over the past ten years has looked very much like what you see on this site… me… talking about what I like, what I don’t like, what I recommend and what I had for lunch… or posting pictures of where we spent the previous day etc. You get the idea! That’s your cue to laugh!

This type of blogging is what many people think of when I say “I’ve been blogging for ten years.” A lot of people still see it as a past-time or hobby or maybe even a waste of time… it’s just writing about stuff online!

Behind the scenes we have been chipping away at convincing people otherwise and, we now have real stories from real local people who are grateful for the impact of blogging, social media and online content.

A couple of years ago my work led me into helping with the creation of a local initiative called The Directory Page which, connected with a few local businesses who understood what we meant when we talked about ‘building real community’ online with blogging, social media etc. That has now evolved into something called Ballymena Today which will be a wider news source.

We love Ballymena… we grew up here… it’s our hometown. We want to write about it, share good stories, interesting news. We want this to connect people together who are in business, education and community organisations. We were already doing this but Ballymena Today is a step-up, a re-invention… an evolution of what we had already begun.

Some people get it, some don’t! That’s ok! Some people have better websites, some people use more complicated words to talk about the Internet… that’s ok too!

But we aren’t tied to those rules, or the committees and grants and regulations like the people who sit on councils and apply for said grants and stand for election in our towns… their motives seem to be somewhere else much of the time and we are tired of that. We aren”t the man! That’s another blog post though!

We aren’t out to look flash… we won’t be bamboozling anyone with technical talk. We are simply intent on doing something good for our town using the Internet, social media and blogging… words are powerful!

Like I said though, some people get it, some don’t… and… we will do it anyway!