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Well, there ain’t no party like a vinyl party and if you were born in the late 70’s I’d bet that you have quite an interesting record collection going on. Foget hipsters with their impossible to find Queen picture discs or the latest Mumford and Sons limited edition record that is still in its packaging. Around here we like to play our records – loud.

A few weeks ago we gathered around our record player to reminisce, pull out our dodgy dance moves and sing loudly out of tune.

2014-04-19 22.26.14

Sing along – “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh”

2014-04-19 22.23.13 2014-04-19 22.25.58

Next up on the vinyl playlist is Geordie Boy Gazza and the regain some kind of street cred a little something from TLC.

2014-04-19 22.25.22

Followed by the only record that I was tempted to steal out of the box before it got taken away. . . .

and the ultimate – Stefan Dennis (aka Paul Robinson) asking us “Don’t it make you feel good“.  Shouldn’t that have a question mark Stefan?

2014-04-19 22.25.01

Thanks to Marianne for allowing us to rifle through her record collection.