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This will be a really quick post.

I’ve been pondering the way we set out websites. The layout.

Generally in life I like straight lines and organised layout. I don’t like furniture sitting at angles away from walls, that kind of thing but, I do like to swim against the tide in many other ways.

In a nutshell, I started to see more unusual layout on the web that I really liked… and… well, I think the rebel in me likes the fact that your website can be whatever you want it to be. Right? Colours, angles, shapes, layout. There may be trends that come and go but surely there are no longer rules when it comes to this stuff. I can hear designers yelling at me for that last sentence.

I am far more interested in conversation online, community, fans, followers… whatever we are calling it this week. If you have that buzzing and building then so what if your navigation is in the middle of the page instead of in the header.

Anyway, here’s some inspiration at Site Inspire. Some of this inspired a change to our homepage here. It’s not radical but I like the little bit of unorthodox. I’ve also reflected that on the Are Collective site… for now.

ps: on mobile, it’s not unusual at all. ha!