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I am just about to reach the two-month old mark with my first pair of Hiut Jeans… that’s significant because it is a third of the way to the initial goal of six months without washing my jeans. You can see more about the ‘No Wash Club’ here or here.

The jeans are starting to show some minor signs of wear around stress points… you can sort of see that from the images below but, I have to say that with a LOT of wearing, they are undoubtedly the toughest jeans I’ve owned and they now feel like my own jeans. These are the Organic jean so the Selvedge is going to be tougher yet again.

Here’s a few pics. You can also see a few pictures of the jeans from now back to their creation on History Tag here or via the Twitter hashtag #allysdenims

One more thing [channelling the spirit of Columbo there] – If you are frustrated with jeans and high street brands that stretch and rip and are a general disappointment, I really really recommend these… and get this, I am not on any kind of commission and I’m not trying to blag from Hiut. I love their story, I love their passion and weighed up with the quality of the product, these jeans are worth the spend and definitely worth me shouting about! Trust me!

My first outdoor adventure in my Hiut jeans was featured on The Rivet Press here. Also, Check out the Do Book Co. & The Do Lectures.