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So unless forced by evil powers to do so, I am not likely to have a permanent tattoo. But a temporary one? Well, that’s a thought. And now thanks to Tattly, a new line of temporary designer tattoos, I see the possibility of body decoration in my future.

— Steven Heller, The Atlantic

Steven has a fear of needles which is not my issue… in fact, I don’t have an issue besides the permanence of a real tattoo. As a designer I get really tired of ideas and creations very quickly and am super critical of my own work so, there’s that too. Sometime soon post-hipsters will reject the idea of tattoos and then where we all be eh?

Anyway, i’ve had this on my arm for a few days. The picture is from Tattly and not me because as I write this, it’s wearing off after almost a week.


I’ve been reminded by a few people that we used to get transfer stickers when we were kids and that this is kind of the same, a kind of children’s gimmick to play at being an adult. It is actually just that…

Tired of putting poorly designed temporary tattoos on her daughter’s arm, Tina Roth Eisenberg took matters into her own hands. After soliciting a dozen world renowned artists and designers, hiring the first two team members, and learning what a temporary tattoo was actually made of, Tattly began moving at full force. In July of 2011, Tattly launched online, featuring an all-star lineup of professional designers and illustrators.

Here’s the thing though, it sure is interesting to see and hear the confused faces and questions about why I’d stick a temporary tattoo on my arm… and what does it mean?

It’s the circle of life, the wheel of fortune…. not really!

Anyway, call it a little social experiment or just me wondering what a tattoo would be like… that’s all it is and, tonight it will wash off in the shower!