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“Back in the 1960s there was a television advert for Maxwell House that included the catchy line “there’s an awful lot of coffee in Brazil”. It turns out that there isn’t, actually, just as there isn’t all that much in Uganda or the Philippines either. Which is why we should treat it with care, creativity and even love. We need to know about the people who harvested it, and why they can’t any more. And if the other side of that concern involves getting geeky about grinds and pressure bars, then so be it.”

The above quote is taken from this article on the Guardian website

If you think the coffee thing is just a hipster fad, you should read that article… it’s short… but, helpful considering the scale of the conversation about coffee origin, sustainability and growth.

“With climate change decimating the harvest, caring about coffee is not just a hipster indulgence”

It’s a shame that there are always people who want to throw rocks at each other and… especially at those who get excited by things that are different from their own passions… but, hey… this isn’t a rant!

The coffee… the Hiut denim… your fixie bike… and every other thing you are passionate about? It may look like an easy thing to tag as ‘hipster’ but maybe it’s not… maybe it’s about something else far more important?