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If you read this blog or follow my tweets for long enough you will know that I quote Seth Godin from time to time.

He has a new book out this week. It’s called This is Marketing – you can buy it here.

He has also blogged about what is in the book here.

As I read down his list in the blog post linked above I couldn’t help but say to myself;

“This is all great… if you are an honest person”

The ‘if” here is huge for me…

And, I think this reaction comes from a place of being completely ‘done’ with marketing, entrepreneurs and experts who may well be all of what they say they are but, are not trustworthy. Not decent. Not honest.

I 100% believe that Seth is a trustworthy person of integrity.

The problem is that lots of would-be business types who read it are not. Their agenda is something else.