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Boredom, daydreaming, a good book, building in three dimensions, interactivity with other humans–these are precious skills, skills that are being denied kids that are simply given a plate of chicken fingers and a tablet instead.


We’ve been thinking about parenting all summer and whilst I’m not about to become a ‘daddy blogger’, there will be some things along the way that are worth saying. I think.

The above quote reminded me of some of the conversations we’ve been having about technology and social media.

I get that it’s tough to avoid tablets and tech devices with children these days but, recently I’ve become more aware of children who are glued to screens. We don’t know how technology will have shifted or what social media will be doing in a year or two when this really becomes an issue for us but, it’s clear that handing your child a screen to keep them quiet for hours is not healthy.

Being aware of this is a great start, even if you aren’t sure how you will navigate the actual situation. Balance is important right? And it’s not fair to shout ‘bad parent’ at someone who perhaps doesn’t have help, isn’t coping or just can’t find a way to calm a child down.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough…

Also, kind of related to this: we are adamant that our child’s face (and probably their name) will not be appearing online. Anywhere. As people who’ve spent so much time over the years immersed in the web and social media, this may come as a shock to some of you. You may have expected endless posts from day one. Sorry to disappoint. If you want a really challenging post by someone who has articulated their thoughts better than I could mine, go here. Gemma’s post more or less sums up our decision making on this.

And the rest? We’ll make up as we go along right?