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Culture is not one big thing. It’s lots of small things. And lots of small things add up to a big thing. It is not a mission statement stuck on a wall. It is not a cool coffee machine. It is the things you do, and always do, that add up the whole thing. It is action and not words.

– Quote from Build a Culture around People, not a nice Office – read the full post here.

Last night with some friends, we got talking about culture. Local, work, church, life. The culture that weaves it’s way through these places. Do we own it? Are we building it, creating it or is it just a bluff?

The above quote illustrates to me why I have times where i can’t write anything or create content for my blog let alone anyone else. There are times when I need to do… not say. Times when i need to stop talking about supporting local business or serving others and just go and do it.

Culture is easy to talk about and easy to portray through the web, words and images.

Building a culture is harder though.

It requires a change of heart, a forward movement, a conviction… action.