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When I was a teenager in school, my ‘careers teacher’ shrugged at me when I said that I wanted to ‘do something’ with my art.

They then said something about being an art teacher. Or maybe an Architect.

It was around 1992. The job I do now didn’t exist. Some of the design for print work I do would translate from now to then but, methods of design are obviously different to how they were then. And so, after listening to a series of idiot teachers, I made bad decisions and stumbled around for quite some time, never really knowing what work I would end up doing.

As teenagers settle into new courses, universities, colleges and schools around this time of year I always ponder those times. I also¬†have a totally new perspective on that now that Cherith is a lecturer in the college department that I briefly inhabited when I left school at 16. That’s another story.

No matter what you do or how it works out, there is always time to learn something new, turn around or start over. Always.