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Encroaching work demands—coupled with domestic chores, overbooked schedules, and the incessant pinging of our devices—have taken a toll on what used to be our free time: the weekend. With no space to tune out and recharge, every aspect of our lives is suffering: our health is deteriorating, our social networks (the face-to-face kind) are dissolving, and our productivity is down. The notion of working less and living more, once considered an American virtue, has given way to the belief that you must be “on” 24/7.

I’m about to read this book.

I’ve been talking about and working towards simplicity for years. Less working. Less distraction. Less busyness.

This is not a game.
This is life.

Less may not be immediately achievable but you can work towards it.

It’s why I only work the hours that I work. It’s why I always have time to spend hours in my favourite coffee shop at least once a week. It’s why I make time to relax at home, doing nothing. It’s why I left certain social media platforms with no intention of going back.

It’s also why I say no a lot.
There are loads more whys.

But, I’ve been saying this for years.

You have to do it though.

Saying is not doing.

Doing is doing.