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Dopamine, a neurochemical known as the ‘reward molecule’, is released each time we post, like, or share.

And when you think about how often we’re doing each of these, it’s pretty easy to see. Social media is a dopmine gold mine.

We crave it. Search for it. And we work for it. Constantly. Welcome to the 21st century. Where the fear of missing out is strong enough to dictate how we spend our time.

Studies say that we turn to social media because that’s where everyone else is. Because we need to know. We need to keep up. And if we don’t, well, we might miss something.

Р from The Stress Report p.103 Рpublished by The Do Lectures.

Seeing this modern phenomenon develop and consume part of me and others over the years has been fascinating. Sometimes troubling. I’ve rolled back and forth with the good, the bad and the ugly of all of this consumption of time just to keep up and, not miss out. And on it goes.

You can pick up a copy of The Stress Report here. It’s a fantastic publication with some incredible insight.