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Today, more than at any other time, the pressure to produce distinctive work that conveys a message in a captivating way is extreme.

–¬† Graphic Design in the 21st Century, Charlotte & Peter Fiell, Taschen.

Mainstream marketing and communication is often boring. Everyone saying the same thing, using the same formula for their branding, design and communication. The same formula for the website. Posting the same inspirational¬†quotes over pictures of sunsets or people standing on cliff edges. So much of this seems like quick-fire short-cuts so that you can simply say something… anything.

The proliferation of dull has now started to offend my eyes a bit.

I know that design might be subjective a lot of the time. And I also admit that I have 100% been a part of the problem in the past. I confess. I have compromised or cut corners as a result of pressure or poor planning. I’ve settled for “ok” when I should have said ‘we need more time’ or ‘you’re rushing this.’

The pressure to produce distinctive work is extreme regardless of all these factors that arise for designers and, regardless of what the ‘mainstream’ may be doing.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these issues if you’re a designer?¬†

One of the challenges I’ve taken on this year is; to produce distinctive work. I realise I may have given myself a headache before 2018 even get’s started.

But, part of being able to do this means, that I want to see more amazing design and, also want to share more distinctive work when I see it… like this;


Let’s see how this goes. You can follow my Pinterest board for more ‘Design Inspiration’ here.

Share your work or other work you love with us… we’d love to see more distinctive work in 2018.