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All of your SEO efforts, written content, great imagery and snappy videos are really really important… but you need people to see them. You need people to tell their friends. We wrote a post recently about this.

The share is vital. That’s the most important currency for you and your content.

To create good content, find your audience, grow the audience and then get them to share takes effort. You are going to need a plan but, the share is the bigger picture that you need to step back and see.

If everything else is amazing and it doesn’t get shared… it’s vanity.

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The effort within organisations, businesses and churches is often to gather ideas and material, edit and then publish it. It may range from awful to sublime in quality but, getting it ‘up & out’ to our audience is what we all still focus on.

And why not, but…

What about the share? Your business news, special offers, sermons, upcoming events… or the best news you have to offer the world?

With an audience of everyone everywhere already waiting, phones in hand, screens lit up, ready to hear your message… surely getting your audience – the people already in the room – to share is a no-brainer…

That should be worth as much effort… you would think.