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An echo chamber is a space that surrounds us with similar attitudes to our own, which sort of sounds like a great concept, right? While it can be safe and accommodating, it’ll only end up dumping you with the holy mother of surprises in the end. Case in point, the election result.

Chances are that you hang around, online and offline, with people who share similar outlooks and ideas. This is usually why people are drawn to each other and get on, and given this, if you looked at your Twitter or Facebook feed during the election, you probably mostly saw stuff that reinforced your opinion and were like ‘yeah, this is what most people are thinking, I’m pretty sure I know how this is all gonna’ pan out’.

But hold the phone; everyone’s not thinking the same. We curate our online feeds, we’re the designers. We can blank out opposing voices and promote and share content that complements our own ideals. The ‘echo chamber’ isn’t a realistic cross-section of society, it’s a space that we’ve each individually formulated.

–  Quotes from – How to Escape an Evolving Social Echo Chamber

These quotes – kind of – made me think of church.

Do we do this? I think we do… and I get that there is a tension between fellowship, community, shared interest and the potential for an echo chamber, I really do.

But maybe we – me included – need to be less naive about the world we live in and see it through more lenses than the ones we endorse or feel safe behind.