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Until very recently, I was a member of SCAE – Speciality Coffee Association of Europe – on their ‘consumer’ package.

They changed their membership packages not long ago and removed the ‘consumer’ option, meaning that my membership was cancelled. That’s totally cool but, I find myself outside of the descriptions for their updated membership options – see here – so… I can no longer be a member. Like I say, that’s totally cool… I’m a little sad but, I’ll survive!

This got me thinking about how it’s ok to not be in the club… whatever it may mean to be ‘in the club!’

I’m not a coffee professional but, there are also lots of other things I am not which mean I cannot join certain clubs and organisations. And that’s ok.

Not every club, organisation or grouping of people is useful or helpful but, people certainly do like clubs and it seems hard-wired into some of us to want clubs, organisations or to be on committees etc.

Amazing things can still happen outside of and away from that club membership mentality though.

Churches, charities, organisations, businesses… we would do well to remember this.