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I said this last night on Twitter:

Ok. So… cost & all other criticisms that people may have aside. This new bandstand is and I think, will be very impressive, creatively and artistically speaking. Here’s why I’ve decided this:

It’s brutal. It stands out. It’s abstract. I’m not sure if those qualities are at all intended by those who have planned it though… but, I like these qualities in design.

That said, it is just a bandstand…

And it doesn’t really fit in at all with the surroundings but, does that matter? I don’t know the answer to that, I’m not a “town planner.”

This construction has been controversial locally. People have questioned the cost, the design and whether there is any need for a new bandstand. There are of course reasons why the council and others powers-that-be have done this…

I don’t really care about that to be honest.

But, it is going to look a little mad in our town centre. I can get on board for that reason alone.