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Over the past year coffee has kind of taken over our workspace in the kitchen… not entirely… but, the coffee grinder wasn’t in the best place and when I would set up to make coffee for more than one person I’d be hogging precious bench space. We needed a solution and our small kitchen table was too low to use so, after some thinking we contacted Terry Design to see if they would make us a table…

I blogged about this earlier today on Coffee Northern Ireland here.

The work of Terry Design is a really important part of the coffee community story that’s been expanding here in Northern Ireland over the past 18 months so, it was a no-brainer to ask them to help us when we needed a table. It’s a simple and tough pallet top on sputniks and, instantly solved the bench space issue in our kitchen that we’d caused with coffee clutter.

Simple, tough… and it’s helping me keep our worktops free from coffee related clutter.