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Iceland beat England Euro2016

If you asked ten people for their thoughts on teamwork you would most likely end up with a variety of ideas and opinions. In theory this should work and in theory that should generate effective teamwork…

A team

Any team will have strengths and weaknesses. Team members know each other and are well aware of each others different strengths and weaknesses. Some are more talented than others. Some have more patience. Some have more determination. Some are leaders, others follow. Everyone contributes. There will be lots of nuances.

The reality

It’s easiest to understand teamwork when you get to see it in action.

In sport, business, politics, community, church.

Last night in Euro 2016, the chasm between the teamwork of Iceland on one hand and, the fumbling nervousness of England on the other was unbelievable. Congratulations to Iceland.

When you get to see that kind of effective teamwork in action it’s inspiring.

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