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A fascinating reminder that readers/listeners can choose to interpret whatever they want from your words…

I’m not a Christian. That seems to be a lot of people’s understanding. I think that happened because of the last four minutes of ‘Brazos’ on the last record. I was coming out of nowhere and a lot of people wrote about that record without talking to me. That song is not of an honest narrator, it’s not me as a narrator – I see it as very ambiguous and much more darkly ironic with a lot of question marks and a lot more nuance than the original set of reviewers wrote about. Since then, I have to chase that a little bit. Which is perfectly fine. That is the nature of songs – they cease to be yours and when you’re doing things like switching narrators and you don’t make it abundantly clear or you leave things up to interpretation and nuance, then sometimes people get it wrong. That’s okay. But now that I’ve had a chance to talk to people about it then hopefully I’ll make myself understood. Because whatever questions you may have that relate to me being a Christian will now change now that you know that I’m not.

I don’t say that I’m not a Christian in any kind of aggressive anti-faith way. I’m sympathetic to any faith-based community and I’ve had really wonderful experiences in that community. All of my family is in that community – most of them professionally – and I say that more to be respectful to people who do use that title because, to someone like my parents, it means the world to them. That is what their life is. It’s purely that but I don’t want to be called that when I’m not doing what I think you need to do to use that title. And I really say that in a non-aggressive way. I’m not really bothered to be called a Christian – I don’t see that as a bad adjective but it’s just an inaccurate one.

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