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Sudden Coffee

Sudden Coffee is ready-to-brew instant coffee made from awesome beans. Each tube contains enough coffee for one 8oz / 240ml cup . Just add water or milk!

Sudden Coffee is excellent in every form, can be brewed anywhere & is quick and efficient for those of you who want a second cup of the day.

Sudden Coffee is hand-crafted, each individual tube is packaged by our processing teams, just like a micro roaster sending out individual bags.

Our Coffee is lightly roasted to bring out the best of flavors, such as Citrus, Chocolate & Toffy.

We have spent hours, coming up with a consistent recipe for each tube, so no matter where you are, or what type of coffee you are making, it is the same everytime.

Cynical? Yea, I was too… I’m curious though!

I will taste it very soon but, I’ve had too much coffee today so… soon!

Get more info about Sudden Coffee or order some for yourself – here

*Takes deep breath.