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Today saw the release of the new Coldplay record Ghost Stories which, I am listening to… but,

It’s been somewhat overshadowed this morning by my discovery of St. Paul and The Broken Bones and their debut record Half the City. It came out last week…

Basically, they are this year’s Alabama Shakes only instead of a powerhouse of a female vocalist at the helm they’ve got a powerhouse of a male vocalist. [Quote from here]

The above quote gave me a chuckle even though the attached review/article is a bit cheeky/sarcastic!

Produced by Ben Tanner of Alabama Shakes… the comparisons are glaringly obvious but none of that stops this record being fabulous…. soulful…. raw… and just great fun. Paul Janeway’s vocals are stunning on every track and his energy is crazy and dramatic as seen in pretty much every clip you will find of them performing live… like this

I love it! My new favourite band! ha!

[Photo by: Sundel Perry]