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Its over a year since we set up

It’s looked like this: Charting the growth of coffee shops and coffee trends, posting nice pictures of coffee on Instagram, tasting coffee and sharing our opinions, asking coffee people to share their stories… and, building an audience around the broad brush stroke that is a ‘love for coffee.’

Coffee shops are ‘on trend’ with lots of new openings in the past 18 months. We could say lots about this.

Words like speciality and artisan continue to be mis-understood and mis-used so, on one hand the arrival of new shops is great but also potentially terrible if better practise is ignored in favour of brand popularity and monetary success. I know… that is probably harsh!

Speciality coffee excites us… we could say lots about this as well but for now, it’s worth pointing out that in Northern Ireland the community of ‘coffee professionals’ who are in the speciality category is tiny.

I have not said enough on to protect and encourage it, partly because I’m not a ‘coffee professional’ and like it or not, there is a tension surrounding people who don’t work in the industry talking about the industry.

We’ve been thinking over these challenges this week so we are quitting our jobs to open a coffee shop!

Ok, that isn’t true…

We will say more about speciality coffee in Northern Ireland soon though…