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I’ve been occasionally blogging about my Hiut Jeans in the Hiut category on my blog here.

I blogged a little while ago about the ‘No Wash Club’ here.

Everyone [almost] says “yuck,” raises an eyebrow and reckons I will stink during the six-month no wash period…

The image above shows some of the initial findings/facts about how not washing one pair of your jeans for six months affects your water usage. Hiut instigated the no-wash club first as a challenge based around the fact that your jeans would look great after six months, and not initially about water… but, these findings are intriguing. And now I have a better angle on the conversation instead of just ‘great looking denim.’

So, who’s concerned about fuel consumption? Water consumption and waste?

Kind of interesting to ponder this for a moment.

You can see David Hieatt’s presentation where he mentions these findings and lots of other cool Hiut news here.