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In the midst of the media reaction to this story I had some thoughts…

We can assume that the previous owners benefitted handsomely from the sale/buy-out/takeover of their company by Wiggle. Millions I reckon.

Maybe the previous owners should be held to account for the huge job losses that may or may not now occur. I’m sure they knew that Wiggle would want changes and, business changes often mean… well, anything goes right? It’s all about the bottom line after all. Or is it the top line?

Davy Thompson, from the trade union, Unite, said this was a case of a company “coming in to steal someone else’s order book”.

No it isn’t. Nobody stole anything. Sale/buy-out/takeover… whatever it was, it wasn’t stolen.

Sammy Wilson accused WiggleCRC of “nothing other than a hostile takeover to put a competitor out of business”

Business expert Sammy.

Economy Minister Simon Hamilton said he would speak to the company as early as possible to explore new ways of retaining jobs.

Why? What’s it got to do with him? And what can he really do?

I’m no businessman or entrepreneur but, here’s some questions I have running around in my head…

When a business is successful, grows, expands, gets noticed, sells lots and turns big profit.

How much is enough?

Why grow even bigger?

Why evolve from a business that benefits and serves to a machine that chews up and spits out?

For me, this story is about greed. It’s not about business.