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Sleaford Mods

Over the past few weeks the uncompromising punch-in-the-face sound of Sleaford Mods has reeled me in.

Musically minimal and relentless. Lyrically sharp, ferocious and often funny. I won’t try to find any smarter ways to describe them because in a sense they are hard to explain. You need to listen. You might be shocked or offended though. I recently listened to an interview with them where Jason Williamson explained that the origin of their lyrics reflects how people talk… real people in bars, streets, shops.

Popular music on the other hand often reflects a world and a language that most of us don’t know or experience… a dream world of unattainable sparkle and a lack of reality.

If we have the dull, centre-right politics we deserve, Williamson insists on song after song that we also now have the pop music to soundtrack it.

Sleaford Mods aren’t going to sugar-coat it for their listeners.

“The thing is, there really is no future for a lot of people out there, so some of them, they f@ck it up by getting into drugs or crime, but most people manage to keep it together. They work sh*t jobs all their life and take the piss out of each other to get by. That’s their lives. That’s their reality. And it’s that experience I want to articulate and that humour I hold close to myself. Besides, who else is writing and singing about that?” Who else, indeed?

– Quote Source – ‘The thing is, there really is no future for a lot of people out there’ – here.

The harsh reality that modern Britain is the hard and befuddled place Williamson describes; has been a surprisingly refreshing and honest onslaught whilst listening to their songs. I think I’m at a stage in life where I appreciate the brutal honesty as an antidote to the fluffy circular riddles of modern life, news, politics and empty conversations about whatever…

Sleaford Mods won’t be for everyone of course, but they’ve definitely got my attention.

Their 5 Track EP entitled TCR was released on 14th Oct.

Illustration: Sleaford Mods sketched on iPad using an Apple pencil.