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Each of us get passionate about different things.

Painting, music, surfing, coffee, running, knitting, writing, fishing, the economy…

In all of these interests we find people who see things differently, they aspire success and, success to them means something different than what it means to you.

People bend the rules, mis-inform, cheat, leech, lie and take short-cuts.

Share your passion and see the change. When you are passionate about something or someone you tell others. If the people you meet have been mis-informed you can correct and teach them a new way. You wouldn’t let someone play their guitar horribly out of tune to an audience. You wouldn’t let your friend run a marathon in heavy walking boots.

There’s never been an easier time to share your passion.

Write a book, a blog, use social media… do it every day in person and online. Be nice but do it. Build an audience, talk to people who already have an audience and who share your passion, get others involved.

Share your passion and see the change.