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The truth is, sales don’t matter. Not right now.
Did I really just say that?


I’d rather you knew what the Ruckus is about than be rolling in shirt sales.
That said, we are extremely grateful for everyone who has bought a shirt.

That’s not very good sales speak I know but, I was never much of a salesman anyway.

Here’s a reminder of what I want this to stand for…

Bring the Ruckus

Bringing the ruckus might mean doing the opposite of what the establishment expects. The opposite of peer pressure. The opposite of ambition. The opposite of fame. The opposite of ‘playing it safe’. It might mean turning things upside down. Saying no when people want yes. Seeing beyond pre-conceived ideas of other people. Forging a new path. Seeking the good of the city/town where you live. Flipping over a table. Crossing a boundary. Aiming small instead of aiming big.

This is not a club. It’s not driven by any political viewpoint or agenda. It transcends that stuff completely. It is inspired by how I feel about the world and what I believe for sure but, it’s not some quasi-spiritual movement in disguise.

So, if you get where we are coming from… then we’d love you to wear one of our shirts.

If you don’t, that’s cool, buy Superdry, Jack Wills or something else instead!

Up next…

In January we will change our designs a little and introduce a non-football design.

And then we’ll see what happens after that.

In the meantime, visit Ruckus Collective to see our gear.

Here’s a reminder of the last Christmas dates for delivery + special offers.

UK first class: 18th December
UK special: 19th December
EU: 11th December
Rest of World: 6th December

Free UK Shipping Weekend 16th – 17th December
Free Socks 26th – 31st Dec

Big thanks to everyone who has bought something so far, you’re awesome.