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An email that was worth hundreds of millions of pounds to the taxpayers of Northern Ireland and ignored by the Department of Enterprise has been obtained by BBC Spotlight.
In 2014, a whistleblower sent the email, to the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment.
It warned them that the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was seriously flawed.
In the email, the whistleblower is remarkably clear about where the scheme was going wrong.
The warning was not acted on and the scheme continued on. It was closed earlier this year with a likely overspend of £400m and potentially even more.

– Read the BBC article here

I missed Spotlight last night because we were helping an elderly neighbour who had been robbed at her front door. I caught up this morning… I think if I’d watched it last night, I might have had a stroke such was my mood.

I need to remind myself that I threw in the towel after our last election when I opted to say “screw this” to local politics. I’ve really had enough, I now rarely watch anything related to their antics on tv and I don’t often read the newspaper articles on local affairs. I was interested in this latest gaff though because my wife lectures on the topic of renewable energy.

And what a super mess eh. The incompetence of the RHI scheme is unfathomable. The costs will affect tax payers for years to come. A blame game will now gather pace and, it’s unlikely that anyone will be held accountable, least not our First Minister. This is part of the game we play here though. We should know what to expect by now. We continued the trend of voting for clowns at the last election, why would we expect anything like progress or smart thinking.

Daithí McKay tweeted this earlier:

1 problem for Executive is this. How can we send someone overseas to secure investment if they have overseen our worst financial loss? #rhi

This RHI catastrophe is the worst financial balls up in our history. Just let that sink in for a moment!

A while ago I stated on social media that our leaders were incompetent. I got hammered for that and was asked by more than one person if I thought I could do a better job. That’s a very Northern Ireland question to ask, belittling me as well as disagreeing with me. But, of course I don’t think I could do a better job. I left school, worked in retail, achieved a degree via the Open university, stumbled into graphic design and am now self-employed. I’d be good as Minister for coffee or denim. Jokes aside though, I have no qualifications or experience that would make me believe I could stand as a councillor or MLA.

In Northern Ireland, that doesn’t matter! If you have a head, anything is possible! The head can be empty, that’s optional!

The idiots are well and truly in charge.

Spotlight yet again has made that very clear.