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I’m not going to over-sell the Ruckus F.C. stuff to anyone, it’s not that kind of side-project. It will grow however it grows.

However, recently in conversation with a few folks I’ve found myself cutting in on their words and saying;

“You bring the ruckus”

It just so happens that a couple of those people have been ministers. Ministers of Churches.

Maybe you think ministers of Churches aren’t exactly known for bringing any kind of ruckus. Maybe you think Christians or religious people are not known for a good kind of ruckus. Maybe they stir up anger in you. I get it, i really do.

Maybe you believe in God and/or go to church. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you think Church is full of hypocrites. A museum. Out of touch and behind the times.

Sometimes it is all of these things and far worse…

Recently though, I’ve found myself truly thankful to know those few people who bring the ruckus inside the confines of the Church. A few. Not a lot. A few.

Through their actions and influence these people have inspired me not to conform or rest too easily in the establishments ways and traditions.

More than just a football thing…

This ruckus thing isn’t – nor was it meant to be – just about football or one specific demographic so from time to time I’m going to point at some people and say “you bring the ruckus.” This will also influence our T-Shirt designs but, more on that another time.

So, to those reverend/minister friends; you have encouraged hope, patience, acceptance, love and grace. You have inspired and challenged me when other religious dinosaurs might have extinguished me. You bring the ruckus.

Our Ruckus F.C. shop is here or you can read the back story here.

*I need to give my brother credit for the ‘Reverend Ruckus’ title of this post.