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Over the past ten years I have completely re-booted my blog once. This is re-boot number two!

After a decade of throwing out web content at you – sometimes good and sometimes not – Ive watched steady growth in followers, readers and a healthy Google ranking to go with that. It’s been great to have readers and ‘followers’ and I’m genuinely humbled that people would want to read what I have to say about anything but, the Google ranking is less significant and a re-boot felt necessary so removing all of my previous blog posts was a quick decision… sort of!

This blog/site/location will now be a connecting up of ‘the simbos’ with ‘supersimbo.’ The Simbos was a joint-blog effort between Cherry and I and has been great fun but it will disappear soon… this is the same kind of combined effort but, we really needed to simplify our blogging and re-connect it all into one place so, as such we have started again.

A re-boot!

My time and commitment to Coffee Northern Ireland encouraged me to take a couple of months away from ‘personal blogging’ to re-think whether I would ever blog here again… and, I think I knew the answer all along so… here we are!

Cherry and I are excited about writing meaningful content at our own pace and look forward to telling you about some of the great work we are involved with…

So, stay with us… good things take time and are worth waiting for!