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When we created the new space in our house we knew we would have a front and rear living space, either side of the kitchen. It’s L-shaped which means that the rear living space is ‘around the corner’ from where we are used to living. 



It seemed silly to have a television in this space. Two televisions in one room is crazy right?

But, we figured that we might want to watch a movie or a football match ‘over there’ occasionally.

Solution? Projector? 

Projectors are expensive though, or so I thought.

If you aren’t looking for world class cinema quality then there are great options available. If you don’t mind having to add in some speakers or having a little bit of noise from the fan, then look around, you might be surprised. I was. After reading some reviews and deciding that we were never going to spend anything close to what you might expect to pay for another television, we bought this.

It’s a super little piece of kit. 

Daytime viewing is never going to be great with all the light we get but, in darkness – or as close as we can get to it – this looks like it’s going to do a super job. At around two meters from lens to wall, we get a 72inch screen… 

I’ve never been one of those super geeky ‘it must be amazing professional studio sound and picture’ guys. We want this viewing option to be fun and, it is.

Grease is the word! Boom!

We are looking forward to movie nights already.