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There’s something legitimate and solid about print. The effort to create content, edit and then commit to print is a slow intentional process that requires thought, decisions and belief. Authors lock themselves away in remote places to finish books, editors read sentences and paragraphs over and over. Designers zoom in and out and back in again, checking colours and margins.

Print is real. Tangible. Serious.

I said the words above in a recent post on Ballymena Today – Read it here. They will be quoted again in another post there very soon because our wider team – Are Collective – are about to share a journal locally. The final version has just been printed so we expect them to be visible very soon.

Someone asked me about it this week and I said, ‘It’s lightweight, minimal…. some Ballymena related stuff, a bit of coffee, things we are inspired by…..’

That explanation is part of it. We think there are lots of great reasons to create something like this right now and we will explore them – hopefully – in further issues. In one sense this is a lot like the EU predictions and opinions we keep hearing ie: we have no idea what the future holds either way!

But, let’s wait and see.