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The streets of Paris again…

I’ve had a recent flood of creating, painting, sketching and ideas. Lots of my spare moments have involved picking up the digital pen(cil) and just seeing what flows out of my brain… some of it abstract, some of it more planned like these Paris images.

I’ve been having some struggles with design that are hard to explain. I love designing something specific to a brief but, also adding in my own ideas and vision of how it should look and what works best. Print. Web. Big. Small. Recently, it’s been a struggle, not everything has gone to plan, lots of “we don’t like it” has thrown me off balance and battered my confidence.

The result of these frustrations though? This flood of ‘other work.’



And thank God for those quiet moments when it’s just me creating something that can look and be whatever I want.

“Keep up the doodling”