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We made Teemill so that anyone could skip ahead 10 years and plug into the best technology we have in our supply chain. Teemill helps the next generation of brands design incredible products that are more sustainable. Because it’s free, they can be in profit from day one.

Our first interaction with a brand using Teemill was with Choose Love for Help Refugees. Great T-shirts. Great cause.

Katharine Hamnett, creator of the 80’s slogan t-shirt, has donated her slogan CHOOSE LOVE – a twist on her iconic CHOOSE LIFE slogan t-shirt.

A couple of weeks ago we discovered Croydon vs The World.

Here’s a couple of others who are selling great products

Red Paddle Co.
Nocturnal Creature Ldn

As you can see, using Teemill to start our brand with some shirt designs was a no-brainer.

Now, go snag yourself a shirt.

Bring the Ruckus.

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