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I said this a year ago…

There is a fine line between stealing and copying ideas on social media but, let’s not forget that vast chunks of the Internet are driven by unoriginal thought and re-published content.

It is what it is.

From blog post ideas & content themes to hashtags it’s almost inevitable that your ideas will be used by others. Ours are…

But, we have been leaders and influencers creating community in a way that Ballymena had not seen before. People copy us, people follow our lead and that’s ok… in fact, we’ve encouraged it on numerous occasions as we’ve shared ideas and given suggestions about social media use and strategy.

We will always have new ideas. We will innovate when we need to. That’s what leaders do.

–  Read the full post here. via Ballymena Today.

Maybe some of that is a bit brash but, it’s a reminder I needed to share again.