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If you can tell me why I was inspired to do this, I’d Love to know. Perhaps it was subliminal influence from somewhere. I forget.

Anyway, organising my iPhone apps by colour has been amazing. For a while I was scared to mention it but, then someone I know posted an image of their similarly laid out screen on social media and, suddenly I didn’t feel so embarrassed. Andrew, you’re a legend!


I found out almost instantly that I instinctively know what colour app icons are. It’s logged in my brain, making this a far less confusing system than you might think. Green, blue, red, black & white, multi-coloured, orange and yellow. Those are the colours I have for now with my four most used apps at the bottom of the screen. Those stray four mean it isn’t perfect but that’s ok.

Is it a creative thing, because I look at design and colours all day? Is it an ocd thing? Is it a trick my mind is playing on me?

Maybe all of that.

If you’re looking for a new way to organise your apps, give it a try. It’s very satisfying.