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We bought a Google Home Smart speaker in May. It took me a while to be certain of that first sentence. Should I just call it Google Home? Do you need to clarify that it’s a Smart speaker? I’m not sure of the correct etiquette.

Ok Google, what’s your name?

“You can call me your Google Assistant”

  Bit formal eh? From a gadget/techie viewpoint, Google Home is a pretty cool piece of kit. I’ll level with you though… I bought it primarily so we had a speaker to stream music or play radio stations on. I know I know, there are better speakers out there if you want professional sound perfection. But – and I mean this – Meh! Who has time for that treble, bass perfection and blah blah blah… Most of my time spent listening to music is in my office whilst at work and, i have a set of Bose speakers for that. I get all the treble and bass that I need at my desk…

Ok Google, why did I change my mind?

“I’m sorry, I can’t help you with that.” 

  There are just some questions that Google cannot answer! At some point in the last few months I decided that I really wanted a smart speaker. We’d actually said a few times in the last year or so that we weren’t going to buy a smart speaker. We didn’t want to be listened to or have our speaker start buying stuff online that we didn’t want. What can I say. I changed my mind. Besides, we’re all being listened to anyway and, you can never have enough home deliveries right?


Ordinarily we don’t really ask Google too many questions, yet. Maybe that will change over time. And before you start telling me about reminders and phone calls and calendar syncing… yes, I know how that works. I’m just not really sure I need to do all that 21st century faux productivity workflow nonsense. My pace of life doesn’t call for that hilarity. One odd little anomaly is that Google has joined in the conversation a few times when other people have been in the room. It’s as if it feels left out and wants to interject with some kind of fascinating insight. Also and only occasionally, the Google Home ads on Television have activated the speaker but, that’s not such a big deal. Although when John Boyega asks who John Boyega is and Google tells him and us who John Boyega is, both on my tv screen and in my room… yea that’s annoying.  
  It’s not really that big of a deal. Since we renovated our living space we have a more minimal open plan area for cooking, eating and living so it’s a perfect fit on our worktop and, as a speaker it’s more than satisfactory for what we want.  So, that’s a thumbs up. Although, maybe the coming soon to the UK Google Home Max will be a nice upgrade in the future? We’ll see.

Ok Google, switch off.