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The Slim® cut has become a big hit. We took the Slim cut and shaved 2cm off the leg. The leg opening is 16.5cm. And they look great. Apart from the fit, pretty much everything else is the same.
It’s an authentic five pocket jean made from raw selvedge 14.5 oz denim woven on a 1959 shuttle loom from Kuroki the iconic Japanese mill. The denim is 100% indigo dyed. It’s a slub selvedge which gives its little imperfections that go to make a great looking jean.

Read more and see more pics… or pre-order a pair of the Slim® style here. [there are three fits/styles available for men – see here]

I’m still wearing in my Organic Hiut Jeans  and can’t afford [or justify] the spend on these… but, oh my… they do look wonderful though!